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*710*10# (Kenya)

Helping the world build, organize and preserve wealth to uplift individuals, families, diaspora, investment groups, small businesses and communities.

The Problem We are
Solving For Investors

Access and Awareness

“I don’t know where to start or go to for investments, insurance, statutory payments, bulk payments and what yield each investment promises to help me make smart investments decisions”

Wealth Instruments Literacy and Wealth Tracking

I don’t understand marketable securities, their yield, how they work and how I earn. I simply don’t know my net worth or even how to about calculating it. I don’t know if my wealth is growing or shrinking. Worse still don’t know if I am allocating my income in a smart way.”

Payments, Visibility & Transparency

“My Chama/investment group/partner is not so organized: we never get statements, updates, visibility of our investments, accounts status and worse still just remembering how much I need to pay for my contributions and how and where to pay is just a nightmare.”

Order & Organization: Asset Registry & Spend Planner

“I simply can’t trace in an instant my title deeds or policies or share certificates or even share them when I need to with easily. I don’t even track my expenditure and make a conscious spend often have anxiety in my relationship with money.”

Trusted Realty Marketplace

“I don’t know which realty for land or homes I should trust given that I have heard horror stories of losing money to fake brokers and fake title deeds including friends and family.

Credit, Wealth Protection and Success Management

“I don’t know why and how I should insure my risks. I don’t know how to protect my assets and wealth. I just don’t know where to get started with succession planning, wealth distribution and will writing I don’t have easy access to low interest credit using my marketable securities and other instruments as collateral”

Financial planning, Wealth Management & Investments Platform: A marketplace and network of networks

One Tool and Infinite possibilities! Simple, Easy & Fast

Digital wealth management financial services marketplace and its ancillary payments platform SERRARI INVESTOR PLATFORM: SUPER APP (iOS and Android), web portal, and USSD for select services