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No.Company NameLife InsuranceHealth/Medical coverThird Party or Theft Motor VehicleComprehensive Motor VehicleGCR Ratings
No.Company NameLife InsuranceHealth/Medical coverThird Party or Theft Motor VehicleComprehensive Motor VehicleGCR Ratings
1Jubilee Holdings Ltd1. 100% of Sum Assured payable to the named beneficiary in the event of the death of the life insured.2. Flexible payment modes. The premiums are paid annually in advance and modes of payment include banker’s order, cash, DDA and salary stop order.3. Refund of premium in case of the survival of the life assured to the end of the premium paying term for policies over 5 years. 4. 18 years and 60 years respectively.5. Maximum age at maturity is 70 years.6.The minimum Sum Assured is KES. 500,000. 7. Maximum is Kes. 3,000,0001. Age Limit : 6 months - 64 yrs2. Comprehensive coverage of up to 6 levels with optional benefits such as maternity, dental cover, and optical cover3. Extensive cover for pre-existing and chronic conditions4. Enhanced prestige plan of up to 10M Inpatient cover.5. Inbuilt Covid-19 cover for inpatient treatment and outpatient testing.5. Inbuilt annual general check-ups for member and spouse6. Wide geographical coverage with an extensive network of service providers.7. Overseas inpatient referrals covered on credit basis under listed hospitals8. Impatient Ksh 50,000-10MThird party Fire & Theft: Cover extends to cover theft, fire, third party bodily injury and property damageComprehensive car insurance policy offers overall protection against damages to both parties involved in an accident. This policy is extensive, and it covers damages to car, theft, legal liability to third-party, property damage fire, and personal accident cover.AA-
2Sanlam Kenya PLC1. A maximum number of 11 lives (of several types) can be covered on the policy. 2. Children under 10 will be covered for a maximum of KSh 100,0003. A six-month waiting period will apply after the start date of the policy, or after any kind of alterations are made.N/A1. (With anti-theft device) – 10% of value minimum KSh 20 000/-2. (Without anti-theft device) – 20% of value minimum KSh 20 000/-3. (With tracking device or fleet management system) – 2.5% of value minimum KSh 20 000/-4. Third-party property damage – KSh 7 500/-5. Young/Inexperienced driver – Additional KSh 5 000/- (under 21yrs/under 1yrs)1. Authorised repair limit – KSh 30 000/-2. Medical limit – KSh 30 000/-3. Towing charges – KSh 30 000/-4. Windscreen limit – KSh 30 000/-5. Vehicle entertainment system – KSh 30 000/-6. Accommodation away from home. Up to KSh 5 000/= and above charge 10% maximum limit KSh 10 000/=6. Loss of spare wheel and accessories. Up to KSh 7 500/= free. Above KSh7 500/= charge 10% of extra limit maximum limit – KSh 50 000/=BBB
3Liberty Kenya Holdings• There are no medical tests required for sums assured of KES 7M and below.• There is no limit to the number of beneficiaries you can nominate.• No waiting period for accidental causes.• Get cashback to spend as you wish. At the end of the policy term you will receive 10% of your death benefit if no claims were made.• Should you travel, you will continue to be covered anywhere in the world for as long as premiums are paid.• A lump sum benefit is provided to your beneficiary should you pass away.• In the event that you suffer from any of the following disabilities – Permanent loss of sight/hearing/speech, loss of or loss of use of two limbs, major burns a lump sum benefit will be provided to you.• A benefit is included in case you are diagnosed with a critical illness. The benefit is equal to the 30% of the sum assured amount regardless of the actual medical expenses incurred. Conditions covered include: Cancer, heart attack, coronary artery bypass graft, stroke, major organ transplant, kidney failure.• Once a claim has been paid for a certain condition, this benefit rider will cease.N/AN/AN/A
4Britam Holdings Ltd1. Dhamana guarantees an investment rate of return of 5% for continuing policies. 2. Loan facility - Once the policy has been in force for at least 3 years and is paid up to date, you can apply for a policy loan 3. Dhamana is affordable with a minimum premium of Kes 1000 per month with no restrictions on the maximum. 4. It offers a lot of flexibility in premium payment; premium holidays allowed when income levels fluctuate, and extra premium payments also allowed. 5. The maximum entry age is 60 years. 6. In the unfortunate event of the policy holder’s death, Dhamana will pay out a death benefit to the beneficiaries1. Age 0-75yrs2. Funeral Expenses 3. Outpatient Cover Kshs 50,000 to Kshs 200,0004. Inpatient cover 300,000 – Kshs 10M4. Routine outpatient consultation. 5. Diagnostic laboratory & radiology services. 6. Prescribed drugs and dressings. 6. Dental & optical services subject 7. to sub-limits and terms. 8. Prescribed physiotherapy. 9. Chronic, recurring & pre-existing conditions. 10. HIV/AIDS and related conditions and ARVs. 11. Routine antenatal and postnatal care. 12. Routine immunizations. 1. Free cover for windscreen, theft of audio and video accessories 2. Free cover for spare wheel, jack and toolbox 3. Free cover for protection, recovery & towing after accident 5. Non claim discount – building up to 60% depending on the number of years for not claiming 6. Discount on fleet 7. Full discount on Controller 8. Technique fees at renewal 9. Flexible premium rates and terms 10. Cover for damage to vehicles in the custody of Motor Trader or Garage 11. Geographical scope – Kenya but can be extended to other East African countries on request.CCC+
5Old Mutual Holdings1. You can get a minimum cover of KES 1 Million, there is no maximum cover limit2. Your loved ones will receive a lump sum amount to cater for their well being in your absence3. A premium waiver on disability and/or death where the payer is different from life assured4. You will also be able to select the affordable premium amount dependent on the desired cover limit5. Premium payment payable until age of 80 years6. The cover entitles you to insurance tax relief worth 15% of your premium contribution1. Age 0 - 65 years ol2. Inpatient 500K - 10M3. Outpatient 50K - 200K4. We will cover medical expenses5. Cover yourself and your family including children6. Access to countrywide UAP Old Mutual medical providers7. Enjoy medical benefits with flexible packages for yourself, family, groups and the self-employed This package shields you against all third party risks including death, bodily injuries, and/or property damage Losses and/or damage to your vehicle caused by theft and fire are also covered under this packageThird-party Only (TPO) - This cover only protects you against third party losses including death, bodily injuries and/or property damagThis cover safeguards you against losses and/or damages to your vehicle brought about by accidents, accidental fires or theft. It similarly covers a third party’s death or bodily injury
6CIC Insurance Group LtdN/AN/AA CIC Third party cover ensures you are covered against1. Damage to property that belong to other people like vehicle or buildings2. Death or injury to pedestrians or public3. Death or injury to passengers.1. Accidental Damage2. Malicious Damage3. Theft4. Fire5. Third Party Liabilities6. Riot Strike and Civil Commotion7. Flood8. Towing cover9. Motoring assist10. Emergency medical expenses11. Windscreen cover12 Stereo/entertainment unitBBB