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Africa Fixed Income Funds

Name of BankYieldMinimum AmontMinimum Holding PeriodPenalty For Early WithdrawalOther FeaturesAboutSource
Anchoria Fixed Income Fund5.53%N5,000180 days1. Moderate risk2. Short – Medium term Investment horizonThe Fund invests in Fixed-income securities like Federal Government bonds, Sub-national bonds, corporate bonds, and high-quality money market instruments in Nigeria to preserve capital and generate consistent income. The Fund’s investment objective is to generate a steady stream of income and provide a competitive return while assuming moderate risk
ARM Fixed IncomeFund7.69%N5000180 days20% of interest accrued1. Suitable for medium - long term investments.2. Open ended mutual fund.3. Competitive returns. 25% of the profits for each year will be reinvested, while 75% will be distributed to unitholders pro rata 4. based on their units.5. Registered with the Securities Exchange Commisssion.The Fund invests in high quality fixed income securities.The Fund invests 35%-65% of its investment in FGN bonds, while a maximum of 50% of its investment will be invested in quality money market instruments including FGN Treasury Bills, Bankers’ Acceptances, Commercial Papers, Promissory Notes, Certificates of Deposit and other Fixed Income instruments.
CardinalStone Fixed Income Alpha Fund8.52%N1000090 days20% on the income earned1. Minimum Subscription: ₦10,0002. Stable principal3. Semi-annual dividend payment4. Open-ended5. Low riskThe Fund's main objective is to provide investors with consistent income as well as an attractive total return in the medium to long term through investment in a variety of fixed income securities.,the%20Securities%20and%20Exchange%20Commission.
Coronation Fixed Fund4.62%N10,00090 days15% of the income accrued1. The Fund is suitable for investors looking to invest for the medium to long term with moderate risk appetite.2.The fundamental objective of the Fund is to provide Unit Holders with long-term capital growth and regular income by investing primarily in a diverse portfolio of fixed income securities.The Coronation Fixed Income Fund is an open-ended Fund that seeks to achieve an efficient balance between capital appreciation and income for investors. The fund achieves its investment objectives by investing in medium to long-term FGN, Subnational and Corporate Bonds and other eligible fixed income securities.
Zenith Income Fund6.36%₦10,00010% on income earnedRisk: MediumHorizon: Long TermThe Fund seeks returns above the rate of inflation through investment in fixed grade income securities.Asset Allocation Cash and Equivalents: 0%-5% Money Market Securities: 5%-30% Bond and other debt Instruments: 70%-90%
Stanbic IBTC Enhanced Short-Term Fixed Income Fund5.80%N5000 90 days20% on accrued income1. The fund is an open-ended unit trust scheme 2. The risk profile for the fund is “Moderately Aggressive”3. The management fee is 1.25% per annumThe Fund invests a 100% of its portfolio in fixed income instruments (such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Fixed Deposits, Short Term Debt Instruments e.t.c.)
Vantage Guaranteed Income FundN50,0001. The fund pays out the minimum guaranteed return twice a year which can be re-invested into the fundV.G.I.F is a guaranteed principal investment that is particularly suited for Investors who are seeking for safety of funds, regular income and capital growth over the long period.The Fund is benchmarked against the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Standing Deposit Facility (SDF) rate.,growth%20over%20the%20long%20period.
United Capital Fixed Income Fund6.73%N10000 90 days20% of accrued income1. Not exposed to equities market volatility2. Seamless entry and exit 3. Low entry threshold • Interest Rate Risk4. Professional management with robust risk framework5. Long term capital preservation and growthThe Fund’s assets are invested in Federal Government bonds, Sub-national bonds, corporate bonds and high quality money market securities. The Fund is not affected by the fluctuations in the equity markets. However, opportunities for capital appreciation are dependent on changes in interest rate.
SFS Fixed Income Fund10.47%N10,00030 days-The Fund is aimed at resident and non-resident individual and institutional investors that: > require liquidity and have a low risk appetite; and > seek to benefit from prevailing and historically high interest rates in Nigeria in an optimal manneThe SFS Fixed Income Fund is a Double AA rated and carefully designed Savings/Financial Planning product. The Fund invests primarily in high yielding securities issued by Federal Government of Nigeria, sub-nationals and highly rated corporate institutions (with at least an “A” rating by a SEC registered rating agency)
Cowry Fixed Income Fund4.99%N50000090 days0.75% of accrued income
South Africa
Name of BankYieldMinimum AmontMinimum Holding PeriodPenalty For Early WithdrawalOther FeaturesAboutSource
Ashburton SA Income Fund8.73%R5 0001. It invests in bonds that can provide a capital gain over time 2. Lower return volatility is expected, compensated for by higher long-term returns 3. It is ideal for a long-term interest solution in an investment portfolio 4. Daily liquidityThe fund comprises of a combination of bonds, fixed deposits and other interest earning securities which have a fixed maturity date and either have a predetermined cash flow profile or are linked to benchmark yields.The fund's duration will be limited to a maximum of two years.,over%20time%20may%20be%20followed.
Satrix Bond Index Fund7.57%R10 0001. Risk profile - ModerateThe fund will invest in a basket of permitted government and corporate fixed-interest securities.
SELECT BCI FIXED INCOME FUND 8.12%%None1. This portfolio has no equity exposure or in some cases up to10% equity exposure, resulting in low risk, stable investmentreturns.2. Where the asset allocation contained in this MDD reflectsoffshore exposure, the portfolio is exposed to currency risks.3. The portfolio is exposed to default and interest rate risks.4. The portfolio is suitable for shorter term investment horizonsInvestments to be included in the Fund will apart from assets in liquid form, consist ofinterest bearing and non-equity securities, fixed interest instruments (including but notlimited to bonds, cash or fixed deposits and money market instruments), debenturesand preference shares of an income nature, property securities as well as other incomeenhancing securities which are considered consistent with the portfolio’s primaryobjectives.
Allan Gray Bond Fund8.70%R50 000The Bond Fund is suitable for you if:1. You want to include bonds in your investment portfolio2. You accept a higher risk of capital loss than in money market or cash investments3. You are ideally investing for at least three yearsTo achieve the Bond Fund’s goal, we invest in South African interest-bearing securities, including national government, parastatal, municipal and corporate bonds, as well as money market instruments and cash
Melville Douglas STANLIB Bond Fund6.67%R 50,00030 days1. Risk profile - Moderately conservativeThe SA Bond Fund is an actively managed, unconstrained, South African fixed-income strategy that aims to generate consistent and predictable long-term returns through investments in high-quality income-yielding debt securities.,returns%20through%20investments%20in%20high-quality%20income-yielding%20debt%20securities.
M&G Bond Fund9.40%R10 0001. Risk profile - Low RiskThe fund invests in a combination of government, semi-government and corporate bonds, and other interest-bearing securities. No duration constraints apply
FOORD BOND FUND11.32%R50 000FOR SOUTH AFRICAN INVESTORS1. Seeking high income yields2. With prospects for capital growth3. And having a moderate investment risk profile.The fund aims to outperform the FTSE/JSE All Bond Index over rolling three-year periods with lower risk of loss. The fund isappropriate for South African investors seeking high income yields with prospects for capital growth and who have amoderate risk profile.
ABSA Bond Fund 9.09% R2 0001. A specialist fixed-income fund, ideal for medium to long term investments2. Provides affordable access and exposure to the South African bond market3. Offers diversification from equity shares4. Potential higher return and with more volatility than money market and traditional incomefunds5. Suitable for investors requiring above average income with some capital growthInvesting primarily in South African interest-bearing securities, this fund offers you affordable access and exposure to the South African bond market.
Sanlam Investment Management Bond Plus Fund7.49%R10 0001. This fund gives you active exposure to the South African bond market and shouldform part of a well diversified portfolio.2. The fund aims to achieve capital growth by investing in long term fixed interestsecurities3. Risk Profile - CautiousThe fund aims to offer both income and capital growth through a well-diversifiedbond portfolio. This fund may invest 45% offshore.
Name of BankYieldMinimum AmontMinimum Holding PeriodPenalty For Early WithdrawalOther FeaturesAboutSource
Ecobank Fixed Income Fund6.10%GHS 50 The Ecobank Fixed Income Fund invests in a portfolio of high-quality bond securities and money market instruments such as:Federal Government Bonds, State Government Bonds, Corporate BondsFederal Government Treasury BillsBank Placements, Commercial Paper and Bankers Acceptance from CBN Approved banks and blue chip corporatesIf you’re interested in fixed-term deposit placement or hybrid current accounts this could be the fund for you.The fund invests mostly in discount bonds with high yields which reduces the impact of the market-to-market effect in the fund’s overall performanceThe fund is run to seek out the best rate available in the market amongst other fixed Income securitiesThe aim of the Fund Manager is to obtain high yields and better terms for you
Fidelity Fixed Income TrustGH¢ 100.001. Diversification: Access to a wide variety of asset classes to diversify your risk. 2. Professional Management: Access to the expertise of experienced professional fund managers. 3. Ease and flexibility: Convenient channels to top up your investment: Mobile money, mobile banking app, Fidelity agent points and all Fidelity Bank branches nationwide. 4. Liquidity: Quick and easy access to your money when needed.The Fidelity Fixed Income Trust is designed to help you boost your income by offering steady growth on your investment. This Fund invests in high quality fixed income securities with low risk, building your wealth steadily over time and affording you the opportunity to do more with your investment income.
Financial Independence Fund PlcGH¢100.00Objectives Emergency Fund Short-term needsThe Financial Independence Mutual Fund is a fixed income fund that will invest in a variety of investment grade fixed income securities aimed at providing security and liquidity for investors.
Nimed Fixed Income Fund14.57%GHS 201. Affordability – With as little as GHS 20 one can own an investment account2. Accessibility By pooling funds together, investors can collectively access a broader array of investment products they may not otherwise be able to access in their capacities.3. Diversification – NIMED Fixed Income invests in a wide range of fixed-income securities. This limits the effect of a possible decline in the value of any one security.4. Professional Investment Management- The NIMED Fixed Income is managed by skilled investment professionals who make investment decisions based on structured market research and analysis.5. Liquidity- Investors can buy and sell their shares at any time.6. Competitive Investment Return- Fund managers generate a competitive return on investment through research and diversification.7.Safety & Transparency- NIMED Capital is registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide fund management and investment advisory services to individuals and institutions. Investors receive regular updates on their investments.NIMED Fixed Income Fund is an open-ended mutual fund established in 2020. NIMED Fixed Income Fund is a low-risk mutual fund which invests in Government of Ghana Securities and other listed fixed income securities.
Sentinel Ghana Fixed Income Trust20.37%GHS 1001. Minimum permissible holdingafter partial redemption is GHS 1002. 97.93% Government BondsThe Sentinel Ghana Fixed Income Trust (“The Trust”) is an open-ended Unit Trust that will be invested wholly in fixed income securities. The Trust seeks to achieve current income on a steady basis while preserving capital